Your Pathway To The Creative Industries Just Broadened…

Did you know that in the UK the Creative Industries are growing at more than 5 x the rate of the UK economy as a whole? Including a 60% increase here in Scotland? Jobs in the Creative Industries are growing by three times the UK average and it is predicted that the number of jobs will increase by 1 million by 2030.

The performer on stage or in front of the camera is but the tip of a very huge iceberg. It takes at least 52 other jobs to put one person on a stage to perform. In the film industry this figure is higher. In theatre it includes design, pre-production, set construction, AV, animatronics, special effects, director, fight director, movement director, dance captain, costume, wigs, make-up, props, stage crew, stage management, sound, lighting, company manager, general manager, casting, agents, marketing, press and PR and operations. All that before you even begin to think about ticketing, box office, specialised accountancy, health and safety…well you get the idea.

The theatre industry has a technical theatre workforce skills shortage. Sound and lighting design, scenic painting to name but three. The events and experiences sector is booming with new roles being created that don’t exist at the moment. This area is set to sky rocket as commercial companies realise that we are nearing the top of peak consumerism and realise their customers are moving onto “experiences” for spending their hard earned cash. Add to the mix the commitment by the Scottish Government to prioritise film and TV in Scotland and a career in the Creative Industries looks a very sensible career choice right now.

It gets better! If you go and have a look on the Scottish Drama Training Network website you will see real life spotlights of people who work in these areas. They all came via different routes. If a degree isn’t for you and you want to get your foot on the ladder as soon as possible then great, this is this industry for you. If you want to study at degree level and enter then, brilliant, there is a pathway for you too. SDTN are a Scottish organisation dedicated to developing practice-based training in Drama, Film, and TV.

Members of The Network perform their devised work ‘Propellor’ directed by Caitlin Skinner. The show ran at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Photo by Robin Mitchell.

They deliver industry experiences and offer additional opportunities for training and engagement for those studying as well as helping you discover a wide variety of training options at Scotland’s further education colleges and higher education institutions. Prospective students can understand the range of courses that are available in Scotland from National Certificate to Higher National Diploma and degree programmes in a variety of subject areas from acting and performance to technical theatre or make-up artistry thanks to the SDTH directory.

Connect with SDTN online to find a map and Course Finder with links to institutions’ websites. You can also find them on Twitter: @SDTNtweets, Instagram: @SDTNofficial & Facebook: /SDTNofficial