Interested In Childcare? Read on…

When I finished school, I took a year out as I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do or what subject I wanted to study – or even if I wanted to go into further education at university or college. Speaking fluent Spanish, I worked during the holidays teaching little children and I enjoyed it so much that I felt this might be the route to a career for me, but I still wasn’t sure how to go about it. I did some online research and found Childcare Management Company, a training provider in Early Years Education.

After making some initial enquiries to them and finding out about Modern Apprenticeships in Childcare, I applied and was interviewed by their recruiter. Just a few days later I was trialling at a nursery in Glasgow. I completed a PVG Disclosure which checks that you are suitable to work with children, and within a few weeks I started my Modern Apprenticeship at The Park Nursery in Charing Cross, Glasgow.

I learn so much every day from the qualified staff I work with. The relationship I have built up with them and the children is amazing – such a strong bond.I am working towards my professional qualification in Social Services (Children and Young People). It’s an SVQ3 which is different to attending college as you work in a full-time job and benefit from all the hands on experience and the qualified people around you who are there to guide the trainees.

I’m part of a team and I get paid for the job I do throughout my training and get holiday pay too. My assessor from Childcare Management visits at least once a month to assess my performance, support my learning and answer all of my questions. An SVQ suits those who prefer to gain experience and learn by working hands-on, and there are no stressful exams! With an SVQ you can continue to work on the same essay until it meets the standards, which is really helpful as your assessor will teach and guide you all the way.

If you want to work with children, you need to have a passion for their wellbeing, care and education. I’m amazed at how quickly they learn and whilst it can be a big challenge and loads of hard work, watching them grow and learn new things every day is amazing and always puts a smile on my face. I know that this qualification will give me so many different options and I am really excited for the future.

Amie Hill, 19 years old, from Glasgow