His lecturers encouraged him and gave him the self-belief he required to go far in his career

Having started a record label and directed the Infinitime Music Awards, Etienne Kubwabo has gone on to do great things since graduating from West College Scotland in 2013.
But he is forever grateful for the opportunities which have come about as a result of his course and the knowledge, skills and confidence he gained while at college.
Studying HND Creative Industries: Media and Communication, Etienne started out with little confidence in himself and his abilities.

Etienne admits that he was always scared to take on projects for fear of failure, but that his lecturers encouraged him and ultimately gave him the self-belief he required to go far in his career. My studies have definitely played a part in what I do today.”

Starting his own company, Cre8ive Entertainment, was something Etienne could never have done before his studies, and is a risk he is glad to have taken. His aim is simple: to give a platform to all underrepresented musicians in Scotland and, eventually, to expand worldwide. With some people thinking he was crazy to be taking on such a big task, Etienne has proved them wrong and, nearly seven years later, his company is expanding in ways he had never expected.

The Infinitime Music Awards took place in Glasgow in November, and were masterminded by Etienne himself in order to further promote unsigned independent artists.
Etienne and his team delivered a great night of celebration, fun and music, with current West College Scotland students stepping up as videographers, runners and photographers.

This was not only Etienne’s way of giving youngsters the chance for some real-life experience in the industry, but also his way of giving back to the college.
Etienne’s hard work didn’t stop there, and he has been planning new projects such as feature films, music videos and commercials. Etienne believes that everyone has a story to tell, and is intent on helping more young people tell their stories through the media. No matter how far Etienne goes, he will never forget where he came from and how he got there. “I owe everything to my lecturers and to the college.”

“I would definitely recommend WCS to others. They have so many different courses to offer and they have a great study and financial support system to anyone who needs it.”

Iona Ferns is Reaping the benefits of going to college. Leaving school at the end of fourth year was a big step for Iona, but one which has enhanced her both as a person and a musician. Deciding that she wanted to leave school and explore a more independent learning environment, Iona undertook her research into Music courses and opted to study at
West College Scotland’s Paisley campus.

It is not only classroom-based learning which Iona has experienced as part of her course. Rehearsing in the renowned Berkeley studios, playing live shows in large venues and performing alongside her peers are some of Iona’s highlights, and she is also thoroughly enjoying having the chance to work on the business side of things when organising
and promoting upcoming music events. “My course involves so much more than just being a performer.”

Iona is completely immersing herself in this new learning environment and is revelling in the chance to learn new skills, meet new people and take one step closer to her dream career of becoming a music teacher. When speaking of her course, Iona says that she is very much in control of her studies, but that teaching staff are always on hand to guide her and push her when necessary. “There are so many great opportunities to get ahead in the music industry just by being on this course.”

Armed with the skills and knowledge gained on her course, as well as a positive attitude and an abundance of enthusiasm, Iona is doing all the right things to succeed in her chosen field and become a successful music teacher.

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