Leavers magazine’s Hannah Ahmed finds Instagram delights in some unlikely places in Scotland’s cities…

When it comes to the best places for photography in Scotland, there are the obvious choices, like Edinburgh Castle and Glasgow. However, we’re instead going to focus on relatively lesser known spots for interesting pics to spruce up your Insta feed. Think less touristy and more aesthetically pleasing. Hannah Ahmed is your guide…

Leakey’s Second Hand Bookshop, Inverness


Just like record stores, bookshops and libraries make frequent appearances on the big screen, and with good reason. Nothing is more calming than a spacious bookshop. Leakey’s is renowned not only for its impressive collection of second-hand books, but for its captivating layout. It’s ideal for bookworms everywhere.

Le Freak Records, Dundee

Le Freak Records Working Life - Monday 11 February 19

Record stores in general make for cool pictures. There’s a reason why they are used a settings in movies so often. Le Freak Records is no exception. Located in the West End, its bright yellow and blue exterior is hard to miss. Whether you choose to capture a pic of you looking over the records, or just a simple snap of your favourite vinyl, you really can’t go wrong.

The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh


This trendy bar is home to an eclectic menu and cocktails, live music and even cabaret rooms. The décor is a mix of exotic and vintage, so don’t be scared to capture as many photos as you can!

Naf Salon, Glasgow

NAF Salon Glasgow (2)

Naf is one of the most trendy nail salons about, being frequented by the likes of Glasgow youtuber Jamie Genevieve. Obviously the décor is deserving of its own place on your Insta feed, but the nail deigns they offer are too. They offer a variety of designs, from a classic French mani, to the most creative nail art you can imagine.

Victoria Street, Edinburgh


Ok, so this one’s not exactly an under the radar spot, but still Insta worthy none the less. The colourful buildings make for the perfect background or standalone picture. The street also played a part in inspiring Diagon Alley, for any Harry Potter enthusiasts out there.

Flame Tree Cafe, Dundee

Flame Tree Café. Scone Spy. 31 Oct 2017. Dundee. 

The Flame Tree Café offers something for everyone, no matter what your dietary needs. Whilst they are mostly known among the locals for their handmade rainbow bagels, they also have an interesting and varied menu. Don’t miss out on their drinks, including your classic milkshakes and the more daring ‘blue latte.’

Ashton Lane, Glasgow

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Okay, this isn’t exactly an ‘unknown’ spot, but any keen Instgrammer knows that fairy lights make for the prettiest pics, and Ashton Lane is not lacking in that department. After getting your perfect photos, you can pop in to any of the abundant bars, restaurants or cafes the West End has to offer.

Tigerlily, Edinburgh


Boutique hotels are often popular with keen Intagrammers, and Tigerlily is no exception. It also has a separate bar and restaurant if you are an Edinburgh native. The modern decorations and flower wall make it a hotspot for Instagram lovers everywhere.

Underworld Cafe, Dundee

Underworld Cafe, Dundee Underworld Cafe, Dundee

Not really a café, this bar is known for its vintage décor and captivating cocktails. It does actually serve food during the day, not transforming to the allusive bar until the after-hours.
Also, the retro exterior of the building makes for a pretty groovy pic in itself. Located on Perth Road in Dundee’s trendy West End, so you won’t be far from other Insta opportunities.

Botanic Garden Kibble Palace, Glasgow


Another signature choice for the background of plenty of instagrammers is greenery. That makes Glasgow’s botanic gardens, especially Kibble Palace ideal for capturing scenic pics. Kibble Palace is also ideal as you can have a photoshoot no matter what the weather.

DCA ‘The Dreamer’, Dundee

the dreamer

Dundee Contemporary Arts itself offers plenty of Insta opportunities, with its rotating art exhibitions and old timey cinema. But out back, ‘The Dreamer’ by Sofia Site makes for the picture.
Whether as a standalone photo, or as the background for you selfie, it will definitely make for an interesting image.

Okashi, Glasgow


Okashi is a fairly new Kawaii-inspired café, located in the already super trendy Finnieston. Whilst the décor will make for plenty of cute pics, with its flower wall and plush pastel chairs, the food is Insta worthy in itself. They offer a variety of delightful drinks including ‘floffee’ and cute cakes that taste as good as they look.