“…I had a lot of anger as a kid, I really let stuff get to me and I wish I hadn’t let it affect me so much. I wasted so much time not liking myself and having no confidence…” says singer Sophie Scott

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Glasgow in March. When’s your next album out, what will it be called and what can we expect from it?
Sophie: Our next release is dropping very very soon! We can’t give away too much, but it’s much more anthemic compared to our previous releases. We are so excited for everyone to hear it!

You guys met at college – What did you all first think of each other?
Sophie: The first time I ever spoke to Toby, it was to ask him if he was Scottish…turns out he’s Welsh. So he probably thought I was a bit dumb and I thought he was Scottish. With the others, there is no one like Chris, he’s always been a very unique specimen that we love and young Bailey was our nerdy punk boy and always will be.

What were you studying and what would your plans have been to do with your degree if the band hadn’t taken off?
Sophie: Me and Toby were studying Songwriting and Chris and Bailey were both studying drums. I think we would be playing live a lot no matter what and I’d still write for others and myself.

You wrote Monsters with Jon McLure of Reverand and the Makers which is about telling yourself not to worry when you were younger – why was it important to write that song?
Sophie: I had a lot of anger as a kid, I really let stuff get to me and I wish I hadn’t let it affect me so much. I wasted so much time not liking myself and having no confidence. I think now more than ever I want to make up for all of it and appreciate and be happy with who I am and do things that make me happy.

What else would you tell yourself about boys, life and embarrrassing situations if you could talk to your younger self?
Sophie: Live it and just keep learning. If I hadn’t experienced the harder times, I wouldn’t be where I am now. Just don’t dwell, get up and keep going.

How did the name Sophie and The Giants come about?
Sophie: When the band started it was just me and James (the original drummer) and he was much taller than me so it started as Sophie and the Giant and then stuck forever more. It’s funny now though because the guys are really not that much taller than me at all.


What’s your first memory of being into music?
Sophie: Probably when I was a really young kid and whenever I’d go on long car journeys with my family they’d always blast Blondie and Queen on repeat. Since then I’ve wanted to be in a band and write music. I loved it so much.

In interviews I’ve seen mostly you chat and the boys sit and listen. Is that because you like chatting, they don’t like chatting or they’re happy for you to chat?
Sophie: The boys talk a lot more recently. I’ve always kind of led the way, mostly because I get most of the questions directed at me. But now the guys get a lot more involved. We all love taking part in interviews together though. I wouldn’t say any of us particularly like or dislike chatting more than the other.

Tell me a funny thing that each of the boys do.
Sophie: Chris does a lot of headstands. Bailey makes a lot of sudden noises and Toby’s the dad that looks after them both and tells bad jokes.

What’s the most unusual thing that’s happened since being at Universal?
Sophie: People asking us to sign their phone with permanent pen. It’s awesome and complete madness, permanently putting your names on the back of someone’s phone. And just being recognised in general.

Interview by Susie Daniels

Sophie and the Giants play The Garage in Glasgow on March 23.