The ‘chimneys’ are the main attraction for Caitlin McGill in Prague…and they come in all flavours topped with cream!

Are you the ultimate foodie who loves to travel? Well my name is Caitlin McGill and I can tell you that you’re in the right place to hear about both of these topics. Let me start off by telling you that Prague is the capital and largest city in the Czech Republic and it’s becoming increasingly popular with summer city breaks and weekend trips to the Christmas markets.

Also, it’s the perfect stop for travellers who are doing an inter-rail trip as there is so much you can do in a short few days. But enough of the blah, blah, blah boring facts. The real seller of this city is the Chimney Cake. I know! Already you’re visualising a very long treat. Precisely. These cakes are possibly the best thing you will find in Prague. The world. The food universe! They are a cinnamon donut, shaped like a cone filled with whatever sweet treat you like…ice cream, Nutella, fresh cream (okay, I’m dribbling now)…you name it! And the best part is they only cost about £1.50 It’s a cheap party in your mouth. Have I convinced you yet? (chimney cake guys, pay me my commission in chimney cakes).



Being a student, I know there is no better feeling in the world than getting a bargain. This is another reason why I chose Prague as the flights only cost about £50/£60 flying from Edinburgh or Glasgow.
Book in advance, be flexible with your dates and you’re talking even more mucho cheapness.
When you arrive at Václav Havel Airport Prague you can follow these steps to get into the city centre for less than £1.50:

• Buy a full price transport ticket (32KC) from the Transport Desk.
• Take the 119 bus to Nadrazi Velselavin on Metro Line A.
• Get on the Metro and continue to the city centre (15 mins)
• Catch a bus/tram/Metro/taxi to your accommodation.

If you’re not tight for money and want to get to your accommodation ASAP you could grab a taxi. It’s around 500Kč to 650Kč (£15-£20) to get the city centre.

Jubilee Synagogue Prague.
With Prague being such a huge city where do you start?
Here is a list of 10 must do’s whilst you are there… most of which are free!

• Charles Bridge Watch the sunset – it’s amazing!)
• Prague Castle Get your walking shoes on, you need to climb lots of stairs.
• Astronomical Clock The clue’s in the name.
• Old Town Square Prepare to be overwhelmed by stag and hen parties
• Prague Jewish Museum It’s an eye-opener into what was once a thriving religious quarter.
• Prague Beer Museum Just when you thought you knew enough about beer.
• Illusionist Show No spoilers but get your thinking caps on because I have no idea how they do this one trick where…
• Wencelas Square It’s postcard picturesque pretty
• Peddle boat down the Vltava River Travelling over water is always much more fun!
• Lennon Wall Perfect for an Instamoment


Find accommodation near the Old Town Square as you’re within walking distance to everything…bars, restaurants, cafes, clubs, shops…If you are willing to walk 5-10mins to the central hub then look for accommodation in the area Prague 1. This isn’t the worst idea as eating, drinking and sleeping away from the old town square tends to be cheaper by a fair bit…actually that’s true of anywhere but it’s a travel tip for those who haven’t travelled much. A great way to find affordable accommodation whilst still being in the centre is by using hostels or if you would like a little more privacy use Airbnb.
Hostels can be as cheap as £10 per night and an air b’n’b on the old town square can start from £50 per night based on two sharing.



I visited a traditional Czech bar/restaurant known as Lokal. It looks a bit of a dump but I can assure you they serve the most gorgeous Czech food (try their dumplings) with beer flowing constantly. This place is always super busy so if you are going for food I recommend booking a table! But the atmosphere is really what makes this place so special. And for a drink, the ambience at the Old Town Square is always amazing – no matter the time of day the Square is always buzzing. So if you enjoy soaking up the atmosphere or people-watching then head here for a drink and let the world pass you by.


Currency: Czech crown (Koruna česká; Kč)
Conversion Rate: £1 = 28.73 Czech Koruna
Language: Czech
Population: 1.259 million
Flight time from Glasgow: 2 hours 30mins
Time Zone: BST + 1
Climate: Temperature ranges from -2 degrees Celsius in January to 26degrees Celsius in July.