I’m totally addicted to zombie blood, says Anna And The Apocalypse star Ella Hunt

Blood-curdling zombie films. Madcap musicals. Winter action-packed movies and classic comedy family get-togethers. Let’s face it, we can’t get enough of all of them around Christmas so why not combine them into one epic zombie/musical/action/comedy…is what the writers of Anna and the Apocalypse must have been thinking in a lightbulb moment. So thanks to the film’s (demented) writers, British actress Ella Hunt gets to showcase her talent in the zaniest, fun, feel-good (come on, seeing all that blood spurting everywhere is exhilarating, you sickos) frolicking zombie movie. Ella chats to Susie Daniels about her main role in Anna and the Apocalypse and why she loves the taste of blood…

What was the zombie blood in Anna and the Apocalypse made of?
Fake blood is delicious. It’s made of Glucose syrup and I’m totally addicted to sugar. It’s my one and only vice. Pity we weren’t making a vampire film! 😉

Did you scare anyone with the props for a laugh?
I’m very, very, clumsy. I often scared people on set with my props without realising it – so many people got bumped by my candy cane over the course of the shoot. Also, when I get excited I like to dance and throw my limbs about… There’s actually a video somewhere of me running onto stage alongside Ben Wiggins for a special Anna And The Apocalpyse related performance where I’m dancing so excitedly that I accidentally deck him in the face. Sorry Ben…


Any fun Xmas gifts you’ll be buying for friends and family? (don’t worry, they don’t get Student Rag in Devon so no spoilers)
I’m getting my family a special AATA edition vinyl player.

The film’s billed as Shaun of the Dead meets La La Land. Apart from the singing, dancing and schoolkids, what makes the storyline different from Shaun of the Dead?
It’s very much a coming of age story. And it’s also about a loss of innocence and hope and the violent world we leave for our kids. I’d say it’s much darker than Shaun in a lot of ways.

You must have gone through so many scenarios since you read the script of what you would do if most people turned into zombies in real life. What’s your action plan to survive?
I’d head to my family home in North Devon, it’s on the moors, with no people for miles, and make sure to have my mum’s Devon garden shovel close to hand.

What are the craziest and funniest things you had to do in Anna and the Apocalypse?
I had to knock a zombie’s head off with a sea-saw. And I spent an entire day shooting in a ball pit with my best pals.

I also had to walk down a school corridor, filled with teenage angst, belting out the opening number of AATA (channeling my inner Zac Efron).

It’s a comedy, horror, Christmas, musical. Covers all bases – what else is on your CV?
My first professional acting job was for the first ever commercial for Netflix! It’s called “wii Netflix musical” and it’s definitely still on YouTube somewhere.


Have you been singing and dancing before Les Miserables? At musical theatre?
I was in singing lessons from a very young age and music has always been a very important part of my life. I play the piano and I song-write, too. It’s my way of processing what’s going on in my head.

Did you go into acting straight from school or did you study?
I was spotted by my agent, Piers Nimmo, when I was 11, randomly, doing a school production of the Mikado wearing a fat suit and Kimono! I’ve been acting ever since.

Can you tell us a bit about your characters and the plot in your new films – Kat and the Band and Summer Night. When are they due for release?
Kat and the Band is still in post-production. It’s produced by the awesome Boudica Productions and is the story of an aspirational young woman who wants to be a music manager and takes a band on tour (fronted by Dougie Poynter). But everything goes to sh** when they find out she’s a 16-year-old school girl. Kat is one of my favourite roles I’ve played and it’s the first film I had the opportunity to work with a female director on. Summer Night is still in post-production as well. It’s my first American movie – we shot it in Atlanta and it’s about a group of young people going to a music gig in a small town one summer evening. I play Dana, an aspiring poet and romantic.


When you first got into acting what was your dream role in a series or film?
Ariel in the Little Mermaid. It still is!

Any actors you admired you had in posters or as a screen saver?
Jennifer Lawrence when the first Hunger Games came out. I thought she was completely iconic as Katniss and I was obsessed with the books too.

YOU got to wear so many amazing outfits for the red carpet. When you’re chilling and cosy during Winter what are your must-wear outfits?
Jumpers I’ve stolen from my dad and brothers. My mum’s scarves. Oh and I find anything paired with Wellington Boots stylish (that must be the Devon girl in me).

And lastly…what’s your idea of Winter harmony?
North Devon, family-filled home, The Pogues “Fairytale in New York” on repeat.

Anna and The Apocalypse is out in cinemas tomorrow (Nov 30th).