All Puffed Up To Brave The Winter Elements?

That ugly primary school sanctioned jacket? ‘It’s acceptable to wear that now, as a student?’ is what you may be thinking. Yes, yes they are! And you should genuinely be excited because not only are they extremely practical at keeping your warm and dry during the Winter months but they can be neon-bright and stylish too!

Topshop offers a tartan version for those who like a little national pattern and Pretty Little Thing has a cropped jacket which is great for pairing with any outfit. Puffers look equally as cute on your way to a 9am lecture as they do on your way to a night out! Hannah Ahmed (former Mearns Castle High School pupil) guides you through…

puffer zara red

Vinyl Effect Puffer Jacket,£79.99


Fuji Slim Double Zip Hooded Jacket, £89.99

puffer silver

Mara Grey Puffer Jacket £35

puffa topshop orange

Midi Puffer Jacket,, £69

puffer tartan

Tartan check puffer jacket, £59