Sigrid plants a smacker at the O2 Academy last night..

Sigrid opened at the O2 Academy with her lively current smacker, Sucker Punch and the bouncy bundle of energy just kept going all night like a recharged Duracell battery bunny.

If you’d been deprived of sound and only entertained by the visual last night you’d undoubtedly be thinking ‘who’s that wee lassie with the tucked in sparkly black top belting it on stage confidently pointing her hands in the air?’


That’s what it looked like all night. Everytime Sigrid stopped singing you watched the petite, natural-looking (sans make-up) Norwegain girl with high pony tail say some words with her heavy accent (couldn’t make out what she was saying so far back in the crowd), laugh and then deliver some great hits.

I’d read she prefers collaboration in all her songs she writes and except for Sucker Punch, which has more of a Pink feel to it, most have this unique ethereal quality, especially High Five and Strangers.


The songs sound like they belong in a zeigeist film like the massive 2016 teenage hit Nerve or if she’d not quite been so popular already Sigrid would be a great choice for the annual M&S or John Lewis ‘create the Xmas magic’ advert.

The 21 year-old singer/songwriter won the BBC sound of 2018 and will support George Ezra at the SSE Hydro in March next year and Maroon 5 on their European tour next June.

The beautiful innocence to her look, sound and vibe seems to represent the vastness of the mountains and fjords of her home country Norway. She’s captivating to watch and though she impressivley delivers sad ballads like Don’t Kill My Vibe (she apologised for bringing the mood down last night by singing ‘sad songs’) she still has an uplifting spirit and toughness about her ‘I can do anything’ aura that takes keeps a lamenting tinge from her songs unlike, for example, Adele.


I beg you record companies, don’t alter Sigrid in a few years to give her an edge the way you did with Britney, Taylor or Miley. We like her just the way she is.

review by Susie Daniels

Don’t Kill My Vibe