Why do we help people? To ensure everyone has the best possible version of life they deserve…

Y people is a Scottish charity, which supports people of all ages to make positive changes in their lives.
We provide care, accommodation and support to some of the most vulnerable people in our society, with services in the central belt, Highlands and Orkney, including:

• Supported accommodation and outreach support for people affected by homelessness
• Support for children and young people who are in care
• Youth wellbeing services, including counselling and mentoring support
• Affordable out of school care for primary school aged children

The last year has been an important one for Ypeople, and for the people of Scotland.
Culturally, politically and economically we have collectively witnessed massive societal change, which has brought uncertainty and instability.
The largest refugee crisis in our lifetime, the shockwaves of war reverberating through our own country and overseas, and political decisions and appointments that were previously unimaginable, only reinforce to me how important Ypeople’s work is to those people who have been marginalised in our communities amidst such unrest.
Times are tough, and the seas are rough, but Ypeople have weathered similar storms for over 190 years, providing a constant source of support to some of the most vulnerable individuals in our society.

The Scottish charity sector is an exciting and vibrant place to work; charities are often at the cutting edge of research and practice, working creatively and innovatively to find new ways of supporting people to achieve their potential. Ypeople is no different. We have championed new approaches, and invested in research and learning, to ensure that we are continually developing and improving the support we provide. Joe Connelly Ypeople, CEO

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“I clicked with my Key Worker straight away and knew I could trust her. It wasn’t easy but I eventually started to work through my issues and now I feel really hopeful for my future.”
– Ypeople homelessness supported accommodation service user

When describing Ypeople as an organisation, we talk of our people, rather than our services. In the last year we have developed a number of new services, such as the Ypeer and intandem Mentoring, which match volunteer mentors with young people in care.

This is an exciting new area of work for Ypeople, demonstrating continued investment and commitment to our younger generations, and it leads me to reflect on the mentors I’ve had over my career and throughout my life.
From time to time, perhaps through an act or through a few words, certain people have had a lasting impact on me, helping me through times that may be important or difficult.

It’s likely that they didn’t realise the effect their words or actions had, and now it’s likely they never will. It strikes me that sometimes our staff don’t realise how important their input can be; that one act of kindness or those few encouraging words that can have a lasting positive impact on someone who may well be going through the worst time of their life.

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“The support for me has literally been life-changing. Before I was supported by Ypeople I was in a bad place, getting into trouble and was on a bad path. Now I’m looking forward to moving on with my life, and can’t wait to see what happens next!”
– Ypeople counselling service user

To find out more, visit www.ypeople.org.uk or find us on social media.