Leavers Magazine: A great way to break the ice with your new student flatmates is a game like Cards Against Humanity…

Sometimes the most basic necessities can save you a whole lot of hassle. Let’s face it, you want to be prepared for anything student life can throw at you when you’re sharing a student flat. Vomit, poop, parents and impromptu parties may all turn up at some point during your term time so prepare for the worst to ensure a stress-free zone and welcoming environment!
Hannah Ahmed (formerly Mearns Castle High now studying at University of Dundee) can help you with that…

Cards Against Humanity

cards against humanity cutout

If you are moving away for college or uni, you may be one of countless students terrified about the prospect of having to make new friends. A great way to break the ice with your new flatmates, is a game like Cards Against Humanity. This card game is essentially a short form version of Mad Libs, but a bit more inappropriate and mildly offensive. It is a great way to let down your guard around new people, and hopefully make it easier to become friends. Since the game’s popularity has grown, it seems the market for nappropriate card/board games has boomed, so you could even find a few other games to try as well.

Steel Straws

steel straw

This item is great for both you and the planet. Due to many restaurant and clubs banning plastic straws, with good reason I might add, many of us have had to make do with paper straws that slowly dissolve in both your drink and your mouth. How delicious! So, to combat this, now is a great time to invest in a few reusable steel straws. Nothing will make you more popular than when you pull out a packet of these while out for dinner. Except of course if you offer to pay the bill!


wirelss speakers

Speakers are an absolute must. Sure, you could use a laptop or even a phone, but nothing beats a portable speaker.
A wireless one is also essential as it means you can take them with you wherever you need them; your flat’s kitchen, your bathroom, bedroom and friends’ flats. There is also the added bonus of being the one who’s phone is automatically connected to the speakers, as it gives you the ultimate power control of the playlists so you can veto any naff suggestions!

Birthday Cards

funny birthday card friend birthday card funny love cards - Card Design Ideas

funny birthday card friend birthday card funny love cards – Card Design Ideas

For many of you, your first year of college or university may be the first time you experience a birthday without your family.
So, it will definitely boost your popularity to be the kind of person who has everyone in the flat sign a card when it’s someone’s birthday. Having a few generic birthday cards will save you having to worry about popping out to buy one – especially helpful if you have forgotten anyone’s big day. Alternatively you could attempt to fashion a card from the ‘ingredients’ you clearly won’t have lying around in the flat. My advice? Go buy a job lot.

Toastie Maker

toastie cutout

Oncee you’ve used a toastie maker there is no going back. They are truly one of the top 10 purchases you will ever make in your entire life. You can use them for breakfast, lunch, dinner and every post-night out snack. They also won’t take up too much space either, as good old George Foreman offers plenty of smaller, more compact versions.

Pizza Cutter

pizza cutter cutout

Everyone already knows they need to bring cutlery to university. It’s fairly common for flats to end up with dozens of plates, graters, knives and forks. One thing that is often not even considered though is a pizza cutter. For pizza lovers everywhere this an essential, unless you enjoy the idea of hacking at a pizza with a dull knife at 2am. In which case, you need more help than I can give…

Fairy Lights


It goes without saying that college and university accommodation isn’t the most glam place you will ever stay.
Bright blue carpets, curtains and sofas don’t exactly scream homey – it’s more a dentist waiting-room type of vibe. One of the easiest way to spruce up your room is fairy lights.
It doesn’t matter how old you are, or what gender you are, fairy lights instantly make your room look and feel more welcoming and cosy. Also, it’s best to opt for battery powered lights, as some student accommodation doesn’t allow plug in lights.

Rubber Gloves

rubber gloves cutout

Those of you who’ve seen Fight Club will have every right to have developed a deep-seated mistrust of rubber gloves (thanks, Brad Pitt!). But in real life loading up on these bad boys is a complete no-brainer. One of those things you never really think of buying but when you need them, you really need them. At college or uni there will inevitably be a time when you clean something up that you really really won’t want to touch. Other situations where gloves would be very useful is when you inevitably dye your hair a neon colour as you are no longer have parents telling you not to.

Bottle Opener Keyring

key ring

While a bottle opener may already be on the PDF of university essentials you found on mumsnet, a bottle opener keying is something you may not have considered. Not only will it be helpful for opening drinks whilst on the way to clubs but will also allow you to help people you see drunkenly attempting to use their teeth as a bottle opener, which in turn is a great way to start a conversation with someone. Whether that’s the type of person you want to make friends with is a different matter.