Switch off the bright light, Jason…

Would you abandon your friend if there was a mysterious, threatening creature attacking your underwater vessel? Of course you would(n’t). Captain Jonas Taylor might not be your best choice of friend as that’s exactly what he does in order to escape the Megalodon.

The Meg isn’t quite your average Jaws-style movie. Yes, there’s a crew trying to escape the jaws of a huge, killer shark but it’s also an action-packed movie which includes an injection of humour and romance and the obligatory male eye candy in the form of Jason Statham (Spy, Fast and Furious) who plays Captian Taylor and some female eye candy in the shape of Ruby Rose (Orange is The New Black, Batwoman) who plays Jaxx. So, what’s not to like about a shark movie with some attractive-looking dinner nibbles!

‘The Meg’ is the megalodon – a shark which has now been extinct for over 2 million years, up to 75ft in length and 70 tonnes in weight. Definitely not to be messed with.

So, what happens other than a huge shark chase across the Pacific Ocean? Research facility, ‘Mana One’, is set up 200 miles off the Chinese coast to dive further into the depths of the ocean hoping to discover what’s beyond the ocean floor (wait, isn’t that a film called The Abyss?). The first dive seems to be going well until a large object hits the ship and causes them to lose contact with Mana One. Meg, that’s no way to treat your dinner.


A call is made to Captian Taylor who previously underwent a rescue dive to those depths five years ago encountering the very same problem. Apparently Meg was attracted to the light of the ship, followed them back up through the depths of the ocean and this caused major problems for the crew. Oh, Oh. The hunt is now on!

Jason Statham plays his role as Captain Taylor really, really well the way only an action hero with minimal charisma can. Go you big hunk of bate, I mean beef. (God, I hope Meg isn’t listening right now. She’ll be salivating!)

It’s an action-packed, entertaining shark movie. What more can I say?…

The Meg will be in cinemas nationwide tomorrow.

review by Caitlin McGill