Name: David Christie. Age: 19
When did you start your Modern Apprenticeship?
3rd August 2016
What course did you study?
‘Social Services (Children & Young People) SVQ Level 3
Where was your placement?
Parkgrove Nursery in Glasgow (Somerset Group). I worked full time, Monday to Friday and earned a monthly salary throughout my training.
When did you qualify?
I worked really hard on my coursework with my assessor and finished on 24th August 2017
Where are you working now?
I was kept on when I qualified and still working with the Somerset Group at their Parkgrove Nursery.
What advice would you give to school leavers thinking of a Modern Apprenticeship career in childcare?
My Apprenticeship through Childcare Management Company and Parkgrove Nursery has given me the opportunity to get into the childcare environment to work and train, without having to go to college for the qualification.
I would recommend this route to any young person who is looking to get into childcare as it’s a hands-on learning experience.
As well as being paid throughout your training, you also become part of a team and learn new skills each day in helping the children develop and learn too. There is a lack of males in the childcare industry and more boys should apply, as they bring a new dynamic to the nursery environment.

Some people choose to gain a qualification through college, but I feel that the hands-on experience a Modern Apprenticeship offers is a great way of learning and earning while you work and study. This is my story…

When I left school in 2016, I had known for a long time that I wanted to work with children. I specifically wanted to work as an ‘Early Years Educator’ or Nursery Nurse, which is a more traditional title.
I sent my CV to the Enchanted Forest Nursery in Robroyston, Glasgow and was quickly referred to the Childcare Management Company who interviewed and assessed me for a place on the Modern Apprenticeship Programme.
I was successful and started working full time in the nursery in September 2016 as an Early Years Support Worker and have never looked back! At first I didn’t know anyone or what I was supposed to do but within a few weeks I got to know the staff and children as individuals, and they got to know me.
Working towards my SVQ Level 3 in ‘Social Services, Children and Young People’, I learned how to care for babies and children aged from 0 to 5 years, helping them learn and develop through play.
I also ensured that every child’s individual needs and rights within my care were met.
Working as part of a team and learning from so many experienced colleagues gave me the opportunity to practice these skills daily and helped my confidence grow really quickly.

Being involved in all aspects of the children’s care and wellbeing from the outset with my mentor helped me learn so many new skills with each week that passed.
My Assessor from Childcare Management supported me through every step of the qualification and visited me at least once every month in the nursery, observing me and giving positive and constructive feedback on my practice.
Each time I submitted my coursework, it was marked and returned – sometimes with amendments, which I had to complete until the piece of work met the standards.
As there are no exams to sit, there are many opportunities to expand on your coursework until it is complete and shows competence in each of the 8 units. In November 2017 I completed the course and achieved my Modern Apprenticeship as a fully qualified practitioner.
I applied for an internal vacancy and was successful in remaining with Enchanted Forest Nursery as one of their qualified team. I plan to continue learning and hope, one day, to become a successful nursery manager.