Students job-hunting are at risk of jeopardising their career opportunities by making small yet notable mistakes on their CV.

This is according to research from CV-Library, which found that many candidates’ CVs include spelling mistakes, unrelated skills and irrelevant information.

According to the study from the UK’s leading independent job board, which surveyed 200 recruiters on their CV pet peeves, the top 10 areas which put organisations off a candidate straight away, are below and Student Rag’s Susie Daniels talks you through each one from her point of view:

#1 Speling mitsakes.

cv in bin

A whopping 71% of you make spelling mistakes in your cv, covering letter or online form and are automatically deleted, rejected or scrunched up and binned!

#2 List of unrelated skills.

That’s great, you’re an all-arounder but does baby-sitting for your younger cousin or helping out at cubs/brownies show you’ll be any good as an accountant, dentist, engineer or dancer?

Okay, it does reveal you’re a kind and caring person but unless you’re applying to go into any form of teaching, nursing or similar role it’s not really relevant so get some skills that are! 40.6% of you keep doing this!

#3 Being massively under-qualified for the role.

Never ever put yourself down, always believe in yourself and why not reach for the stars but if you have no experience in journalism then applying for a role as editor in a national or local newspaper is unrealistic. Likewise, if you want to run a franchise then work for one and gain experience don’t go and buy into one with no background in it for goodness sake!

note: If you start at the bottom you’ll undertsand every level so when you run your own business and have people working for you then you’ll know if they’re pulling their weight. 62.6% of you apply for jobs you’re under-qualified for!

#4 Too many jobs over a short period of time.


This shows you get bored, have no staying power, aren’t reliable or get sacked regularly (or work for the SAS/are a spy and are away for regular secret missions).

It’s not a good sign (unless you’re a spy), so apply for jobs you think you’ll stick with and don’t mention jobs you only lasted a few weeks at! 22.6% of you are doing this

#5 A CV that is more than two pages long.


Some people just go on and on and on and on and on and on. (sorry, was I boring you?)

Make your CV punchy and noticeable and don’t turn it into a manuscript. 16.1% of you have been doing this!

#6 A picture.


I know what you’re thinking. Why not? It puts a face to a name and if you’re friendly-looking and smart then you get brownie/cub points. Not necessarily. Most of us judge a book by it’s cover/within a second of seeing an image and if you remind the interviewee/human resources person/recruitment officer of someone they don’t like or look similar to someone who works there or look too smiley, too friendly, too serious or too you (just sounded right) then it could turn them off.

Yo – 14.2%! Avoid that image of you until the day when you can add audio to visual at your interview!

#7 A CV that is ‘too creative’.


Again, it depends on the job. If you’re applying for a job as a graphic designer then obviously you want to demonstrate those creative skills but for a role as a surgeon, in management or anything that’s not creative it’s more important to show what you can bring to the job/operating table. ie. brains, reliability, work under pressure and related skills. 12.9% of you are offenders!

#8 A CV littered with buzzwords.


If you pick me I’m the ‘cream of the crop’, I’m ‘woke’, ‘sick’, you can rely on me not be ‘done’ working long hours, my junk is trending on twitter.

What age is the interviewee? Don’t know, do you?! If they don’t undertsand the jargon you might just become an irritant so don’t risk it. 12.9% of you are still doing this!

#9 No cover letter, even when the application requires one.

This is my personal pet peeve (Mr Popper). So you sent out probably tens or hundreds of standard/not so standard cvs but didn’t make the effort to personalise a letter which may crucially sway the boss/person/company by suggesting that you’re talking to them.

So it’s a big mistake, huge mistake to make. Ensure if there’s a name to address that you add it. Do a bit of research, call the company and ask who the cv would be read by and receive a billion brownie/cub points for using your intiative and research skills and revealing how much you really, really want this job.

#10 No social media presence

social media

This one is a fine line as you want to reveal you’re social media savvy yet don’t want the interviewee/boss seeing some of your dodgy posts (you know what they are!). Either create two accounts and make one of them closed to ‘friends’ only or don’t post so much. (sshhh! don’t tell anyone I said that) 1.9% of you don’t have a media presence

Just remember, unlike the commandments, these rules aren’t set in stone (like what I did there?) and aren’t finite but it’s a start and if you pass the application hurdle you’ve almost got your foot through the front door, even if it’s only for an interview. So go get what you want!

p.s. any spelling mistakes in this article are on purpose to demonstrate #1 obvs : )