Here’s 3 Reasons Why You’ll Look Great At Prom…


If you’ve just finished binge-watching 13 Reasons Why then let’s gloss over the mental and physical carnage (I’ll never look at a mop again without feeling sick) and fast forward to what they were wearing for prom. No ‘best’ Converse, denim and bomber combo.

Those boys (possibly except Clay) know how to make an effort so ditch the hoodie and pull on your Sunday (or Fri/Sat/Sun night) better than best. It doesn’t require a big-money investment to look the business and there’s always the option to hire rather than buy your way to graduation night success.

There’s no rule when it comes to suit wear and remember smart can also be comfortable with lighter-style and coloured suits, grandad collar shirts or plain-coloured long-sleeved tops. It’s that ‘I’ve made the effort but I’m still edgy’ look and will ensure you don’t feel stuffy or restricted for your all-day celeb-rations.

Light Blue Crosshatch Skinny Suit,, £130


Feeling brave? Then why not impress your soon-to-be former class mates by stepping out in a lesser-seen pink suit?

There will come a time in your life when you wouldn’t entertain such a bold suggestion, but now is not that time.

Now is the time to express yourself via the medium of High Street fashion retailers, in this case H&M. Go on, you won’t regret it, although you might.

Old Rose Skinny Fit Suit Trousers and Jacket, £104.98 (for both)


Who ever said your big-night clobber has to be a permanent purchase? Nobody, that’s who.

And that’s why kilt hire was invented, to kit out people like you on a one-night only basis.
The bonus is that you simply hand it all back and let them deal with the rest. kilt hire suits start at £79

fashion review by Calvin Douglas