“If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to hang out with my team then hang on… you’re about to find out” says Vin Diesel(‘s voice)

If you’ve not been caught up in the Fast and Furious franchise then you’ve been living on another planet -a quiet peaceful one where the air isn’t polluted by petrolheads but I digress. The F&F films are full of high-octane, adrenalin-fuelled car chases (and of course the bottomless chasm of Vin Diesel’s voice. If deep voice equals manliness then he’s the ultimate He-Man) and this action-packed show sees the film rev to life full throttle.

There’s a giant screen so the audience can access a computer called Mosaic – a top secret weapon used to track down all sorts of weaponry, cars and information – and relive the canyon/urban backdrop car chases.

We see a stunt man jump over a moving car (40 mph no less) and Vin Diesel (not there in person, a recorded voice) saying, “If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to hang out with my team then hang on… you’re about to find out”.

Cars glow neon green, pink and blue from their under chassis, light up like stardust and grafitti and appear to tango thanks to some neat choreography that reveals seamless manoeuvres and wheel spins while a dramatic music score plays in the background.

The audience vote by holding up a coloured card and see a car’s bodywork get put together in seconds and then shout at the top of their voices – ‘the more noise you make, the faster you go’ – to see if ‘blue’ or ‘red’ will win a car race. Actually, now I think about it, it’s a bit like a game show or a gladiator fight.

Maybe it should be taken one step further and us pleb spectators get to vote on which car gets blown up or who gets run over – the curvaceous long, dark-haired latino bralette, tight jeans-wearing, female presenter or the dark, bulging khaki pants muscle-man presenter who doesn’t look too dissimilar to The Rock? Now that would be taking F&F to a new level.

Did I digress again, soz.

Anyhow, there’s tanks, missiles, snow mobiles, crashing walls, (lets be clear – it’s tanks that crash into walls otherwise they’d need a bigger set) fast cars and some cool, toned and tanned-looking gangs. What’s not to like?

Fast and Furious is on at the SSE Hydro until Sunday 13th May.

review by Susie Daniels