If you’re wondering how best to satisfy the nine-year-old in you who occasionally wants out, why not try hurtling yourself through a giant inflatable obstacle course? Gung-Ho! at The Meadows gives you the opportunity to test yourself against something that looks like the final of a 90s kids’ TV show.
The difference is that the kids probably weren’t covering five kilometres on their obstacle course.
The winner gets a load of Gung-Ho! merch and a sense of accomplishment that will make you consider whether you could be a professional obstacle course runner. You’ll quickly remember that that isn’t a thing and move on with your life.
All of this is with the events charity partner, Children in Need, in mind. So dust off your gym gear, eat too many sweets and take part in something fantastically childish all for a good cause.

Gung-Ho! is on at The Meadows on May 12. From £36.93.


I think I hear the sound of something being milked for all it’s worth.
Narcos was a huge hit on Netflix and captured the often easily-distracted mind of the average Netflix viewer.
The rise and fall of crime lord and cartel kingpin Pablo Escobar has enthralled the world ever since the coverage of the story in the news during the 80s. Since then, many a film and TV show has been inspired by the life of Escobar.
This May two of the men partly responsible for the creation of Narcos will be holding a conversation at the O2 Academy. Former DEA agents Javier Pena and Steve Murphy were in action at the time as they brought down Escobar and his Cali Cartel.
The two were heavily consulted for the Netflix production and now take their stories and insights on the road.
Make sure to take a pen and paper. If either of the speakers let slip some sensitive information, you’ll know where Escobar messed up and therefore you’ll be able to run your own cartel much more successfully.

Narcos is on at the o2 Academy on May 9. Prices from £34.25


the witches

The Witches of Pollok – doesn’t that just send a shiver down your spine? I mean think about it. Pollok.
The thought alone has given me the heebie-jeebies (it’s a serious medical condition). I kid. During the 17th century, the Witches of Pollok were burned at the stake.
This night looks to re-enact the wicked goings on of that time. Experiments and performances from mind readers and experts in witchcraft will seek to intrigue and beguile you. Join Cara Hamilton and Ethereal Fearchara (I want to see a birth certificate) at Pollok House to indulge your inner witch. Head further along Pollokshaws road on either of those nights and you’re bound to see some equally disturbing sights. It’s your choice.

The Witches of Pollok is on May 4-5. £15.50

previews by Luke Hawkins