Winter make-up to wipe that vamp smile on your face

I am plagued by the constant worry of the hideous orange foundation creating an ugly 5 o’clock shadow. The mask of unblended foundation I once used to sport, haunts me. But not anymore. The ghost-like skin colours that I patiently search for are finally becoming more abundant on the High Street.

Rihanna’s new brand Fenty beauty has caused a wave of like-minded artists and designers to develop a similarly wide shade range. It has created a storm of swatches and shades, which covers a spectrum from Edward Cullen’s sun-reflecting skin tone (not to dissimilar to mine) to dark chocolate.

And it’s not just skin tone that’s getting a chance to shine (apologies). Whenever I apply a bright, bold red lip I feel ten times stronger. I stride with a determined look that you can only achieve through a lipstick that means business. To me, make-up is all about self-expression, being bold and enhancing your natural beauty. If you want bright purple lips then run down to your nearest shop and buy the brightest, boldest colour you can. Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. Do it for you. Life, like make-up, should be about accepting all shades on everyone and anyone.

The only problem with dark lipsticks is they have the tendency to stick to my teeth. I turn into the idiot who has black lipstick on her teeth. So, I tend to stick with matt liquid lipstick so the colour won’t budge.

Of course, if you want a long-wearing lip colour you could try a lip stain. The Body Shop has a good, affordable option. With long wear it’s great for this time of year, especially with all the mistletoe beckoning for some joint lip action.

Patrick Starr, who is one of the leading stars of guys make-up, has caused a stir with his full glam tutorials. The bygone era of the glam rock Seventies hasn’t made a resurgence but guys suffragette time in the make-up world has come. Just like us girls, guys aspire to have perfect, flawless skin cared for by a meticulous skin care regime.

The smouldering smokey eye is a staple for Winter, but with a slight twist. Instead of a black use deep brown to deepen the crease and smoke it out, offering a softer look. As always, finish the look with long fluttery and voluminous lashes.

Now we come to the sore point of Winter. Spots. The bane of every teenagers’ life, rather like the unpleasant unexpected arrival of your pushy aunt. We want her to disappear but she’s not taking the strong hint. Similarly, we pop we squeeze but those pesky spots come back with more ferocity.

Try Loreal True Match, with medium coverage it can easily cover spots. It has demi matt finish which helps prevent oily spots appearing on your face. Great for someone i.e. me, who normally looks like they’ve dipped their head in a bowl of water if they don’t liberally apply powder.

Loreal True Match, from £9.99 in various high street stores

I suggest Mario Badescu drying lotion too. It takes the swelling down making it disappear quicker. You can get it in Urban Outfitters or order it online easily.

Mario Badescu drying lotion, £16

Barry M have come out with a new product which has caused a lot of hype thanks to its resemblance to other liquid highlighters in the high-end beauty market. The liquid chrome is available in different tones to suit your skin tone so it offers affordability and glow that can blind.

Barry M liquid chrome £6.99 at Superdrug

by Emma Gorrie