Coming-of-age & gothic undertones. It can only be Lorde…

The milestone albums of the year and go-to-gigs keep coming as we spring forward through to Summer and search for something new to sate our musical appetite. Moustachioed indie kids, divisive stadium fillers and one of this generation’s most exciting popstars are all offering something in the coming months to help you get ready for Summer.Here’s a preview of Lorde with her album Melodrama out 16th June:

The precocious kiwi (New Zealander, not fuzzy fruit) thrust herself into the limelight with Pure Heroine which gave her almost universal acclaim and the approval of pop royalty such as the late David Bowie. Part of its appeal was its slight sidestep away from standard pop while still retaining enough of a hook to keep everyone listening. Melodrama continues the coming-of-age narrative and the gothic undertones of the previous album.

The question is whether the rest of the pop lionesses have caught up with her since then. Green Light has interesting points dotted around it but it is taken over by a fairly anonymous, vanilla chorus. The details of the rest of the album are being kept fairly quiet- hopefully creepy, artsy, industrial Lorde is hidden in the rest of the tracks.