Fancy something different? Check Out our FOREIGN FILMS Guide

Dies ist warum. Brexit’s practically begun so languages are more important than ever. The main reason why we need to learn languages is communication and it’s a well-known fact that knowing more languages makes you more employable which is always a welcome benefit in our job scarce society. Not only that but as a person you become more creative, outgoing and in general, have a better memory.

A great way to boost your language learning is through watching films or TV shows which can help tune your ear to the sounds of the language and the particular pronunciations associated with each language. They are also a useful way to pick up slang and swear words if you really want to sound like a native speaker! Netflix and Amazon Prime boast a whole section dedicated to international films. I’m Evie Oliver and here’s my guide to the best that I have watched on these sites:

1) DIVINES – FRENCH (image above)

A Netflix original featuring several strong female leads, it’s about two girls growing up in the slums of Paris who both seek to better their life.
This is a unique film that chooses to focus on friendship rather than romance; a choice that is particularly highlighted by the ending.
Funny and heartfelt, ‘Divines’ is an outstanding film that will make you feel a variety of emotions and will ultimately leave you teary-eyed. Available on Netflix.


julias eyes

When Julia learns that her twin sister Sara has died, she refuses to believe that Sara committed suicide.
Julia suffers from the same degenerative eye disease that Sara had and she desperately tries to find out what happened to her sister whilst at the same time, slowly losing her sight.
This is a tense Spanish thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. ‘Julia’s Eyes’ is full of surprises and the climatic and suspenseful ending truly epitomises it as thriller genre. Available on Amazon Prime.



This film centres around a Jewish Dutch woman in the final year of World War II who is forced out of hiding and as a result joins the resistance and goes undercover as the girlfriend of an SS officer.
This film is brimming with action from beginning to end which only exacerbates the already tense atmosphere.
Black Book is a very realistic and somewhat bitter film that doesn’t shy from showing the extreme violence and hedonism within the Nazi party. Available on Netflix.


force majeure

A Swedish family on holiday in the Alps suddenly find themselves forever changed by the events of the first few scenes of the film. When faced with an avalanche hurtling towards their lunch table, Tomas (the father) grabs his phone and runs away to safety, abandoning his family.
Yet it turns out to be just smoke from the controlled avalanche on the mountain. Throughout the film Ebba, his wife, struggles to come to terms with what has happened as her husband denies abandoning them. The setting of the Alps works nicely for this compelling and tense movie. Available on Netflix.


the silenced

Set in the late 1930s, this film follows Ju-ran, a sick girl who moves into a boarding school that doubles as a sanatorium. The movie reveals the mysterious disappearance of her fellow students and why she repeatedly sees the disappeared as dead. The creepy atmosphere of this film combined with the strange happenings in the school make for a fascinating mystery thriller with a very unexpected ending.



Umrika focuses on the younger brother of a man who relocated to America from India. The letters his brother sends to their community are the envy of the whole village however, after their father dies, Rakamant discovers that his father was the one sending the letters so he goes in search of his brother. This is an interesting production that binds together Rakamant’s coming of age and the illusion of the American dream.
Available on Netflix.



Off course is a light-hearted comedy about two Spanish men that move to Germany after being swayed by a TV advert’s promise of employment. They quickly discover jobs aren’t easy to come by particularly if you don’t speak German yet they refuse to admit failure to their families back home. This quirky and original film follows Hugo and Braulio as they attempt to convince their families that they are very successful. Available on Netflix.