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You’ve got to give it to Shawn Mendes, he is slightly less annoying than Justin Bieber.(journalist Luke Hawkins view – not ours, I promise!) He will, however, have similar fans and you can expect to be deafened by adolescent girls and drunken auntie types should you attend his Illuminate tour. The 18-year- old Canadian is propelling himself towards stardom with huge hits like Stitches and Treat You Better.
Catch him on the way up before he turns into a Lamborghini-crashing, self-important, mini-Bieber devil-child…

Shawn Mendes will be at the SSE Hydro in Glasgow on April 27



Mew manage to mix pop, prog, rock and dance into just about every track they produce.
Each album contains the obligatory radio-friendly tracks as well as sprawling, optimistic eight minute dreamscapes adorned with falsetto vocals and shifting time signatures.
Their challenging sound seems to be denying them the chance to play at the stadium-sized venues that the music deserves.
Lead single, Carry Me to Safety, has the reverb turned all the way up and builds to a guitar/synthesizer crescendo that would fit a Muse/U2esque stage production.

Visuals will be released on April 28.



You know all those guys who walk around with retro baseball caps, flannel shirts and shorts on all year round? They’re copying Mac DeMarco.
But don’t hold that against the Canadian hipster Jesus, he’s a ridiculously good guitar player whose savant-ish charm and warmth comes through his music by the bucket load.
This is the type of music that could easily soundtrack Spring or Summer.
Imagine that guy who always picks up the guitar at the party or bonfire was actually brilliant and you actually wanted serenading – This Old Dog would be the result, except better.

This Old Dog will be released on May 5.

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