Power through your studying fuelled only by toxic coffee from a despicable, worldwide coffee conglomerate & this upbeat music…


Cold War Kids have their usual thumping drums as the driving force for new album LA Devine and Love is Mystical is proof.
The slightly cheesy name of the song quite honestly matches the slightly cheesy sound of the song.
There is some sort of soulful power to it but it’s the kind of soulful power that a particularly dramatic scene in Hollyoaks has, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it did happen to turn up in an advert for some such programme.

La Devine will be released on April 7.


On the moody, gothic side of indie music we have Timber Timbre, a band whose music has crept stealthily into pop culture, including Breaking Bad.
New album Sincerely, Future Pollution continues along their dreamy, pondering path; littered with industrial keys and vocals reminiscent of Jim Morrison or Ian Curtis. Should it be a sunny Spring we have this year, this album might not paint a happy picture to match it but it will certainly provide ideal chillout music for any hazy days at your nearest beach…

Sincerely, Future Pollution will be released on April 7.



Future Islands go big with their synthesizers. The first single, Ran, could easily be used as montage music either now or back in the 80s.
These are sounds that can completely disconnect you from the smell of the bus you’re on travelling to work, college or uni. It is music that can pep you up for the shift you don’t want to do.
Or, go with the montage idea and power through your essays fuelled only by toxic coffee from a despicable, worldwide coffee conglomerate and this upbeat music.

The Far Fields will be released on April 7.
reviews by Luke Hawkins