Amy Macdonald talks car-pool karaoke & petrol-head obsessions…

Amy Macdonald may be continually touring Europe with her extended crew ‘family’ but her heart is firmly set in Glasgow with her footballer fiancé, her Ferraris and her schnauzer.
Following the release of her fourth album ‘Under The Stars’ the 29-year-old singer from Bishopbriggs now takes the music industry in her stride.
Susie Daniels talks car-pool karaoke and petrol-head obsessions…

Where’s your happy place to go after touring?
I never really get to go on any holidays. My fiancé only gets June off and that’s when I play the festivals.
I really miss taking my dog Amie – a miniature schnauzer – out for an hour for a walk. I didn’t realise how much I missed him!
He usually gets sent to stay with my mum and dad. They’ve got his little brother.

IT seems like only yesterday your first album was released but that was a decade ago. It seems like you’ve been tour ing ever since.
With my first album things happened quickly in so many countries – in Germany, Holland, Switzerland…They really do know how to do a festival in the continent.
I’ve been able to do a show in some of the most beautiful places in the world! I do get lonely and miss people but it’s what I’ve done for ten years and the crew are my friends.
It’s unusual for artists to be in the mud with everyone else including the crew but they all work their ass off so for me why not!

SO you’ve cracked Europe – is America the next challenge?
I’m not too bothered about cracking America. I’m happy with what I’m doing.
So many people try to achieve their unattainable dream and neglect their fans.
Breaking America would be amazing but it’s a great deal of time involved.

Your fiancé’s St Johnstone footballer Richard Foster. How’s touring been on your relationship?
We’ve been together for three years so it’s something you get used to quickly!

I HEAR you love fitness classes. Who would have more stamina in a metafit class? You or Richard?
I’d definitely be better than him! I’ve made him do it before to show how difficult it is.
There’s running involved and you have to have the stamina for 20 minutes non-stop!
IS there a new look for the new album?
I’ve never been that artist to say, ‘here’s my look’. I mostly wear leather trousers and a t-shirt. I’ve always been into a dark colour theme. I’m just too lazy for the right look.
There’s too much energy that goes into the set list for the show and everything else. I don’t have stylists so I do make-up and clothes on my own. I’ve never had anybody pressurising me to write or act a certain way or pushed into a corner.
Over ten years you get trust from the people you work with.

Let’s talk tattoos. It seems we turned our back for a couple of years and now you’ve got a sleeve.
I’ve had tattoos for two years but I probably wasn’t so visible in the UK so everyone didn’t know.
I’ve got a habit of making situations and I’ve been on so many great trips with my friends so it’s good to remember them!

You’ve been on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and Top Gear. Any other dream shows you’d like to do?
My dream show would be James Corden’s car pool karaoke on the Late Late Show. I don’t think I’ll get on it anytime soon.

How many Ferraris is the perfect amount for a girl to have and where do they sleep tight?
(laughs) They’re tucked up in a garage. I’ve got two. It’s probably obscene and stupid to have them. When it’s nice weather I try and take them out. I’ve always been passionate about cars.

Surely a multiple-car girl needs multiple homes? Do you have any other abodes in the ‘continent’?
I have just one home in Glasgow. It’s where I feel most at home and where my family and friends are.

Family appear to be very important to you – thinking of taking the next step with your own brood?
It’s not something I’m interested in. I still feel like a child. I don’t think it would work for me.
The touring on buses and back and forth is just too time-consuming. I couldn’t stretch to Adele’s budget and tour on a jet!

Amy Macdonald plays Edinburgh Usher Hall on April 5.