Lets leave behind our cozy duvet nests & embrace the Great Outdoors

Despite the weather Mother Nature is desperate to release Spring on us. Squirrels are stirring, grizzlies are groaning and bees are beginning to buzz.
Just like our little animal friends, it’s time for us humans to emerge from winter hibernation, leave behind our cozy duvet nests and embrace the Great Outdoors.

Hannah Gunn presents three of the best ways to get out there, get healthy and make the most of this Spring.


If you don’t know someone who has taken part in ‘Tough Mudder’ over the last few years, chances are you’ve been living in a cave.
It seems like no newsfeed has escaped being constantly swamped with images of people covered in mud, looking cold, wet and…wait a second are they happy?
Yep, instead of sporting the grimace that you might expect to see on the face of a person who’s just spent several hours crawling through mud, scaling giant walls and jumping into freezing water, smiles are spread across the competitors’ faces as they reach a goal they’ve trained for months to achieve.
It’s the great sense of achievement in reaching a set of goals which has caused a spike in the popularity of Adventure Racing of late.
Tough Mudder is only the tip of the iceberg as far as Adventure Racing is concerned though.
Scotland has no shortage of races to take part in – its landscape means its home to some of the most challenging courses in the UK.
The most important aspect of this kind of sport is the training though. In most cases you will have to train for a few months in order to learn the multiple skills you’ll need to take part – so get climbing, running and practising your pose for all those photos you’ll be putting on Facebook.

Where: Redbull Neptune Steps at Maryhill Locks, Mighty Deerstalker on the Borders or Celtman in Wester Ross to name a few!


Did you spend the majority of your childhood showcasing rubbish cartwheels and handstands to uninterested family members?
If you answered yes then maybe it’s time to learn some real skills and show those haters (your gran) who’s boss.
It’s never too late to become the acrobat you always imagined that you were, and it’s never been easier – Aerial Edge is now open in Glasgow and runs various circus-based classes in everything from flying trapeze to handstands.
They also run outdoor classes in things like Parkour during the summer.
This is one of the most fun and rewarding ways to get fit as not only will it do wonders for your self-confidence, it will also improve your strength and flexibility. And, as a bonus, you’ll finally be able to do an above-par handstand.

Where: Aerial Edge at The Briggait. On Wednesday evenings classes are only £5, remember to book online in advance


Running isn’t a particularly exciting concept for most of us, unless you’re one of the lucky people who experience ‘runner’s high’ – a state of euphoria which is achieved during strenuous running.
For the vast majority who don’t experience this though, ‘euphoric’ isn’t exactly the first word that springs to mind when we think of running.
The word ‘stitch’ is probably more accurate, closely followed by the word ‘sweaty’.
Charity Miles is an app which makes the challenging pursuit of a runner’s high more rewarding by donating a few pence to charity for every mile you run – or walk, or saunter, or just, well… move.
The app is a great way to motivate yourself to get outdoors and make every bit of exercise you do count. Just download it, choose a charity and how much you want to donate per mile, then watch your miles go up and your balance come down.
Don’t worry, you won’t go bankrupt any time soon as the maximum you can donate is 20p per mile.

Where: Literally anywhere, run in a circle around your living room or for a more scenic route, why not try a run around the Botanic Gardens in Glasgow’s West End?